Lynelle Boisseau

Lynelle has been a Registered Nurse for 40 years, working within Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. With over 26 years’ experience within the ACT Health Diabetes Service, Lynelle is a very experienced and senior Diabetes Educator. Lynelle completed her Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education at Deakin University, Victoria in 1996. Lynelle’s comprehensive knowledge and substantial experience extends across the diabetes disease continuum and includes not only patient education and management, but teaching, training and mentorship of health professionals from junior nurses and educators to midwives and  medical officers. Lynelle has participated in various research projects and has presented at local and national conferences and symposiums.

Lynelle has shown strong leadership skills in the establishment of the diabetes in pregnancy service based at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children incorporating Canberra and the South East Region of New South Wales.   

Lynelle is a member of ADIPS, and has been an active member of the Australian Diabetes Educators Association for over 25 years.