Prof William Tarnow-Mordi

William Tarnow-Mordi, professor of neonatal medicine at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, Sydney, is on the IMPACT Scientific Committee and advocates close partnership with parents, having published 8 papers with Melinda Cruz, co-founder of Miracle Babies Foundation. His goal is to see clinical trials integrated into routine care - locally via IMPACT and globally via the ALPHA Collaboration - so that "trials to improve healthy survival can enrol thousands of women and babies in one or two years instead of ten."

He coordinated the International Neonatal Network, which originated the CRIB Score and has a longstanding clinical epidemiological interest in outcome prediction and comparison of quality of care in premature infants. He is a consistently strong advocate of large multicentre studies, which answer questions of fundamental importance in neonatal medicine. He led the BOOST II  (2nd Benefits Of Oxygen Saturation Targeting Study) – which received a major award from the Federal Minister of Health at the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance in 2017.  BOOST II is part of the NeoPrOM trials Collaboration in nearly 5,000 very preterm babies, which has produced evidence that is likely to save millions of lives in coming decades.    

He has over 150 publications in peer reviewed journals and  has been awarded over $20 million in grants from NHMRC and has been CIA on the INIS, BOOST II, APTS LIFT and LEAP1 trials, and a CI on the NHMRC WOMBAT Collaboration Enabling Grant.