Dr Robert Lindsay

Robert Lindsay graduated in Medicine at the University of Edinburgh in 1988 and is Reader in Diabetes & Endocrinology the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow. He completed his PhD in fetal programming in Edinburgh in 1997 and postdoctoral work with the diabetes epidemiology group of the National Institutes of Health in Phoenix, Arizona. His principal research interests are early life determinants of diabetes with particular interest in diabetes and pregnancy.
Dr Lindsay is the diabetes and endocrine lead for the combined endocrine/ obstetric antenatal clinic at Princess Royal Maternity Unit/ Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
He was the chair of the subgroup on diabetes and pregnancy for the selective update of the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines on Diabetes (2010), is a member of the steering group of the Scottish Diabetes Research Network (SDRN) and chairs the SDRN epidemiology group. He is a member of the Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Group of the European Association of Diabetes and of the Diabetes and Pregnancy writing group of the UK Diabetes Research Network. He was associate editor of Diabetologia 2014-17 and recently became secretary of the IADPSG.

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